Cinematography for Domestic Acoustics

Director/Producer/screenwriter: Majid Al-Remaihi
Cinematographer: Hadeer Omar
Sound: Ania Hendryxwójtowicz
Produced during DFI Documentary Lab 2017
Pablo Iraburu

Documentary Short / Qatar / 2017 / 13 min / Colour
In Arabic, Malayalam / Arabic, English subtitles

- Synopsis

‘Domestic Acoustics’ is an experimental endeavor that explores the overlap of domestic and creative spaces, and their relationship to the female artist. Portraits by Qatari artist Fatma Al-Remaihi are removed from storage; their movement and display, and oblique references to the artist through conversations with members of the household, quietly expose the layered relationship between artistic practice and life in the home.

Some of the visual references I used, considering:

1. Light and shadows

2- Leading Lines


3- Contrast

4- Movement

Then, Majid and I went to his house to do some test shots, using the references we had in mind.