Hadeer Omar an Egyptian visual communicator and time-based media artist based in Qatar. After receiving her BFA in Graphic Design, she moved back to Egypt to apply visual arts to her practice. Omar attained an MFA in Design Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University Arts in Qatar. She crossed disciplines and mediums within art, design and film, presenting her identity through her work, which showcases her interest in the concept of hacking cultures visually. She combines mediums to explore numerous techniques and methods to produce her own illustrations, photographs and videos. There are stories behind each piece of her work.

Omar has been given an honorary mention for her concept “3arabizi keyboard” at the STARTS Prize – Grand prize of the European Commission honoring Innovation in Technology, Industry and Society stimulated by the Arts. The project was exhibited in Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria and Drive: Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin, Germany (2017). Recently, her visual diaries were displayed at the 202020 exhibition at VCU Arts Qatar’s gallery and at the Calligraphies in Conversation 2017 Exhibition at the San Francisco Public Library, U.S.A. “Hack you” video art, Cairo video festival (2015), “The reason” video art (2017), “Ouda w sala” Documentary short film (2011), “Rights of Passage” Stop motion, DOP, Short film (2017), “Chaos Antidote” experimental documentary short film (2017). Her work is personal and reflective that is documenting political and social events, displayed and featured internationally and locally online and offline.

Currently, she is working as a teacher assistant at the Art Foundation Department at VCU Arts Qatar.